I'm a freelance director and motion graphics artist based in Zürich, Switzerland. I specialize in a wide range of different projects and styles. Exhaustless dedication for rhythm, atmosphere and melody has driven me for more than half a decade. Fluid motion design is pure magic.

I prefer to work in Cinema 4d and the usual Adobe environment. I am available for all types of freelance collaborations, remote or on site, as a lonely cowboy or team player. For bigger projects I can rely on a network of talented people and true friends.

I would love to get in touch and make funky things come true!


Art Direction / Concept
Design - moving or still
Direction / Motiondesign / Animation - flat and 3D
Postproduction / VFX

Business contact:

Florian Baumann
Bertastrasse 1 
8003 Zürich
+41 79 413 80 98